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Key Ingredients Inside Our Formulas That Benefit Your Skin


Maple Leaf Extract

The combination of red, maple, and striped, leaf extract improves elasticity and firmness of the skin by preventing elastin breaking down by elastase, hence assisting in the improvement and preservation of skin firmness and tightness.


Mango and Cocoa

Mixing cocoa and mango seed together creates a unique buttery formula that helps to restore the skin’s natural barrier, heal redness and inflammation, and provides deep, lasting moisture to lock in the benefits of the maple leaf extracts.


Camu Camu

Camu Camu contains high levels of vitamin C and niacin, meaning it as a brilliant effect on melanin-producing cells. Tt also helps to exfoliate dead skin cells responsible for dull skin to bring back a healthy glow in no time. It also protects the skin against the negative impacts of pollution and even pollen which can lead to dry, itchy and inflamed skin.


Indian Gooseberry

Indian Gooseberry can help your skin age slowly becasue it has loads of antioxidants. It also help in managing the pimples, fine lines and reduce scarring done by acne. It has a high amounts of collagen contents in your skin help in skin firmness and make your skin appear soft. It cleanse your skin and reduced skin pigmentation.


Olive Fruit Oil

Olive Fruit best benefit is delaying the signs of aging. It helps with appearance and also brings down the wrinkles because of the presence of oleic acid. Olives also have plenty of vitamin E in it, which is an antioxidant that helps fight free radical damages and keeps the skin healthy too.



Beeswax is a humectant, which means that it attracts water. Both of these qualities can help the skin stay hydrated. It is an excellent source of Vitamin A and helping your skin get that extra essential moisture it needs. It also attracts water molecules, helping your skin get that extra essential moisture it needs.

We offer a risk-free money-back guarantee with each order.

Most skincare wastes your money & can be a threat.

Our skin is a natural, living thing — which means whatever you put on it, will be absorbed into you . As a result, lots of the chemical based skincare may cause great harm, not only to our skin, but also our bodies.. Try our USDA certified organic skincare, and give your skin the nutrition and benefits found in nature - free of any harmful chemicals.

Dermay USDA Organic Skincare

  • More skin nutrition and benefits
  • ±90% better skin absorption 
  • Organic and safe ingredients 
  • Proven ingredients with clinical data
  • Safe, effective, and planet friendly

Chemical / Synthentic Skincare

  • Less nutrients and benefits
  • 7%-12% skin absorption
  • Dangerous chemicals and additives
  • Unproven & risky ingredients
  • Damages your skin and the planet

Improves Elasticity and Firmness

Our formulas are an excellent component for improving and preservation of skin firmness and tightness. It has the surprising ingredient in the world of skincare, and that is Sugar Maple Leaf Extract, Striped Maple Leaf Extract, and Red Maple Leaf Extract. It helps to increase the elasticity of the skin by preventing elastin breakdown from elastase, it also gives the skin a firmer appearance and a brightened radiant glow.

Restore Skin’s Natural Barrier

USDA organic skincare has high antioxidant ingredients, making it help fight off free radical damage. USDA organic skincare strengthens the skin from sun damage and other environmental stressors.

Remarkable Anti-Inflammatory Properties

USDA organic skincare has ingredients that help soothe dry patches while also providing skin with essential nutrients it needs in order to heal. 

Got Organic?™ 🌱 

The truth to why USDA Organic is better than simply "organic" and chemical based skincare.

USDA Organic



Why we're better

95% requirement of organic ingredients



Grown on chemical free farmland



Complete audit trail of all ingredients



No chemicals, fertilizers or antibiotics



Undergo periodic on-site inspections



Tests for heavy metals



Safe & effective ingredients



Locally sourced ingredients



The truth is, because we care. 🤝

We want brands to do better, and we at Dermay strive to provide our customers with the absolute best ingredients possible, that is why our skincare will have the USDA organic seal.



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We offer a risk-free money-back guarantee with each order.

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