Our Story

Dermay is a diverse and multiculturally owned beauty and wellness brand that is pioneering the revolution in doing things that are not only good for you and your body, but also the planet.

It is our company mission to not only strive to be the absolute best place to shop for organic skincare but also to provide the latest technology that is geared to bring out your true beauty. When you feel your best, you also look your best and we stand by that statement.

Unique. Diverse. Dermay.

We want to equip our customers with the latest technology of devices that are safe, easy, and most importantly effective in treating a wide variety of your beauty needs.

Our engineers have spent thousands of hours in research and development in order to provide the highest quality features and benefits from any other beauty device on the market today.

The technology used at Dermay will not only provide you with the results you want, but also an experience like no other.

Visionaries. Believers. Free thinkers.

We are all that and more, and want to aspire to help the planet and its humans, and so do our customers. We believe we no longer as a civilization need to be producing harmful waste and products that not only are bad for you but also to the planet.

Recycling, using compostable material, and using organic, ethically sourced ingredients are just one of the many ways we are doing our part.

Dermay is committed to providing products that are not tested on animals. We do not test our products on animals and we do not purchase ingredients that have been tested on animals. We request that all of our suppliers, vendors, scientists, and manufacturers comply with our beliefs.

Certified Organic Ingredients.

Dermay creates revolutionary new products that bring exciting new possibilities to skincare.

Our latest line, features an industry first of USDA certified organic face creams, serums, and cleansers. These are made with ingredients that have never been treated with any environmentally unsafe chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics or any additives.

The USDA seal means we are serious with what goes into our products unlike many other brands that claim they are organic but fail at receiving their USDA certification.

Giving Back & Saving Bees.

Dermay is committed to stopping waste, over resourcing, and the dis-empowerment of communities all around the world.

That's why not only have we partnered with the USDA, we have also joined forces with the Karma Honey Project. They are saving bees by building out new hives, providing bee education, and pioneering research efforts for alternatives to bee killing pesticides that the agriculture industry is spending millions a year on. All this effort to save the planet, and with your help we believe we can truly make an impact.

Bees do the essential work of pollinating flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Without bees, many plant species, foods, medicines, and even skincare cannot exist. Over 90 percent of bees have disappeared in some regions, and we cannot sit back and let this continue any longer.

Dermay's support of this vital project means your purchase is having a direct and measurable impact on saving the environment. It's a huge positive force that will leave our world a much better place.

Genuine. Real. Transparent.

We have helped thousands of customers achieve the look that they have always wanted, and most importantly extend their natural beauty and youth for years on end. We have no plans on slowing down, and the only way is up for us.

At Dermay we believe we are making a genuine difference in the beauty and wellness world and would love to have you be part of our #dermay movement.

Will you join us?