Your order today of the Derma Mask™ qualifies you for our Special Offer on our LED Therapy skincare bundle!

Original value $199 - Now Only $69 - Save an extra $130 Instantly

  • Our Vitamin C serum was specifically designed to be used prior the DermaMask™ treatment, and is the only cream we recommend to use alongside the treatment.
  • After treatment, we suggest the eye serum around the eyes, and the anti aging defense moisturizer to begin your day.
  • These two have exclusive ingredients that have been engineered to help seal in the benefits of the infrared light treatment that you're skin just under went.​
  • The combination of all three serums have been a proven way to dramatically increase your skin care results in terms of improvement and speed.​ 

Pro Tip: Most of our customers choose the skincare bundle, as many still use a daily skincare routine and want something to be able to wear during nights, as thats when our skin heals and repairs itself the most!

The three products sell individually for the price of the special offer bundle, but for first time purchasers of our Derma Mask™ we are including all three for just the price of one!